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[JOBS]-Senior Java Automation Engineer

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[JOBS]-Senior Java Automation Engineer



Job Description:
• Develop automation for functional, performance and regression test execution.
• Develop and execute automated tests using selected tools, which will require programming in Java
• Perform Load and Stress Testing of applications using enterprise level Test Automation tools.
• Maintain existing automated tests and test framework.
• Participation in project design, test planning, and code reviews.
• Ability to accurately estimate development efforts.
• Documentation and review of test cases.
• Performs other work-related duties as assigned, which may occasionally include assisting the manual test effort or research tasks.

Job Requirement:
• Minimum of 1 year of practical experience working as Automation project engineer in or related to the process industries
• From 3 to 7+ years of development experience with Java
• Understanding of Object Oriented Programming and design patterns. (eg. Singleton, Factory , Adapter, Component)
• Strong creative thinking and problem solving ability.
• Ability to crete test cases and Passionate about quality.
• Desire for continuous personal improvement and learning.
• Strong ability to work independently as well as with teams.
• Excellent  oral and written communication skills in English.
• Experience with Agile SCRUM a plus.
• Experience with Linux a plus.

• Experience with Selenium Webdriver a plus.

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